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Last updated Oct. 20, 2014

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LLQHA approves shows in Illinois and Wisconsin, from Springfield, IL to Oshkosh, WI

 Date:  Show  Place  Judge(s)
Feb. 13-16 Land of Lincoln & Gordyville Winter Shows -- 6 shows Gordyville USA. Gifford, IL Gayle Lampinen, Rhonda Repogle, Randy Wilson, Mike Hoeppner, Sandy Jirkosvsky, Terry Thompson

March 22-23
March 24-25

Gordyville Winter Shows Gordyville USA. Gifford, IL Jeffrey Pait, Sissy Anderson, Butch Campbell,  Patty Campbell, Rick Christy, Melissa Dukes

March 27-28
March 29-30

Gordyville Winter Shows Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Holly Hover, Gretchen Mathes, Dawn Clason, Rick Meredith, Mark Sheridan, Russ Smith
April 17-19 International -- 6 shows State Fairgrounds Springfield, IL

Curtis Reynolds, Jonathan Meilleur, Kendra Weis, Charlene Carter, Darren Wright & Shawn Hays

May 23-26 WQHA Spring Classic & Memorial Day Classic -- 4 shows Oshkosh, WI SherryTrafton, Holly Hover, Bonnie Miller & Larry Little

May 29 - June 1

Paper Valley Oshkosh, WI John & Kenda Pipkin, Jan Hay, Bruce Army

June 19-22

Cap Gun Jefferson, WI Chad Evens, Marilyn Randall, Butch & Patty Campbell
July 17-18
July 19-20
Shootout Shows Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Jill Gomes Newcomb, Dave Fairchild, Curtis Reynolds, Ryan Kail, Larry Little, Kelly Smith
Aug. 13-17 Badger Summer Classic Jefferson, WI Cindy Chilton-Moore, Jerry donahue, Pamela Scott & Daren Wright

Aug. 23-26

Lazy Dayz Circuit Oshkosh, WI Laurel Wachtel, Chris Thompson, Tom Crowley, Lynda Danielson

Aug. 29-Sept. 1

WQHAYA Benefit Cheesehead Classic & WQHA State Show & State Fair Show Oshkosh, WI April Devitt, Bruce Walquist, Lee Ann Harrison DeMars, Clay Macleod & Michelle Tidwell

Sept. 7

Introductory show New Lenox, IL Lynda Danielson
Sept. 19-21 ILQHA Futurity & Fall Shows -- 4 shows Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Rick Baker, Laura Gilmer, Mary Luther, Jennifer Goss
Nov. 28-30 Turkey Run shows -- 4 shows Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Margo Ball, Brett Clark, Dean Ross, Chris Thompson

2014  SHOWS 

The show schedule below is updated as information becomes available

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