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Last updated Nov. 5, 2015

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LLQHA approves shows in Illinois and Wisconsin, from Springfield, IL to Oshkosh, WI

 Date:  Show  Place  Judge(s)
Feb. 19-22 Gordyville Winter Shows -- 6 shows Gordyville USA. Gifford, IL .
Mar. 26-27 
Mar. 28-29
Gordyville & IQHA Shows -- 6 shows Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Rob Meneely, Charlene Carter, Margo Ball, Betsy & John Tuckey, Tony Burris
April 15-17 International -- 6 shows Springfield, IL


May 15-17 ILQHYA Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Sarah Bradley, Jerry Erickson, Lisa Krohn, Brent Tincher
May 13-17 Lazy Days Circuit Madison, WI

Patrick Kayser, Kendra Weis, Clark Scoggin, Rhonda Replogle, Dan Trein, Tony Burris

May 23-25 WQHA Memorial Day Classic & WQHA Spring Shows, with special event Oshkosh, WI

Gayle Lampinen, Mike Hoeppner, Mark Guynn

May 27-31 WAQHA Classic Show & Paper Valley Festival Oshkosh, WI

Cindy Chilton-Moore, Glen Wells, Debra Cooper, Lita Hottel

June 17-21 Cap Gun Madison, WI

Jim Dudley, Michael Bednarek, Brendan Brown, Butch Campbell, Gary Hersom, Lisa Krohn, Brad Luebben, Diane Carney

June 27-28


ILQHA Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Gary Werner and Lance Treptow
July 16-19 Shootout & NSBA Classic Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL .
Aug. 19-23 Badger Summer Classic Jefferson Fairgrounds, Jefferson, WI Robin Griggs, Tracy Willis, Jennifer leckey, Murray Griggs
Sept. 3-7 Wisconsin State Show, State Fair & Cheesehead Classic Madison, WI Gretchen Mathes, Jan Hay, Mike Hay, Roger Landis, Liz Baker, Doug Rath
Sept. 13 Introductory show Francis 4-H Field, New Lenox, IL Jeff Greaves
Sept. 18-20 IQHA Futurity & Fall Shows Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL .
Nov. 27-29 Turkey Run shows & special event -- 4 shows & special event Gordyville USA, Gifford, IL Dan Williams, Jeff Allen, Jerry Erickson, Steve Meadows, Michele Pearson

2015 SHOWS 

The show schedule below is updated as information becomes available

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